Travel Guide to Los Angeles, California


     Los Angeles has always been a destination I’ve been waiting patiently to travel to, and I finally get the chance. It’s so synonymous with Hollywood, success, and fame that it’s quite difficult to contain my excitement as I travel around and sight see.

 Top List of Things to do:

      Hollywood Sign

             This is probably my favorite place to visit as it has made frequent appearances in film and television and is also considered as an American culture icon. 9 am is the perfect time to leave your place which is not too early and also not too late.

Redondo beach

          What I like about this beach is that it’s laid back  and less crowded compared to Sta. Monica, yet still have enough activities to keep you occupied. I consider it a vibrant community in its own right.

Sta. Monica Pier

After its restoration, many people have  been drawn to the many activities that you can do in Santa Monica, which includes enjoying the  amusement park a.k.a. “Pacific Park”, and the aquarium, and on occasion also serves as a premiere event venue for concerts, paddle board racing, outdoor movies and more. Plus you can’t go wrong with the picturesque view of the beach,  perfect for chilling out, and sun bathing. Sta. Monica Beach

Shopping At Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

If shopping is more your style when traveling, then definitely check out Beverly Hills. It’s filled with high-end stores than can make your wallet weep, but if you can afford it why not, but at the same time a stroll through here is already an experience on its own. Rodeo Drive


It may or may not be fascinating for people who live in the area who are already use to it, but from my point of view, I find it unique and simply elegant. That’s why it wouldn’t hurt to drop by LACMA, especially during the night where the lights make for a dazzling display.a22

Universal Studios, California (City Walk)

Nothing brings out the kid in me than amusement parks, definitely a must try for the thrill and adventure. Schedule it as a whole day trip, because there is so much to do that by the end of it, you’ll be left exhausted, yet satisfied.

Public transport will always be an option anywhere around the world , but getting around L.A. is definitely easier with a car, so rent one if possible.

Make sure you research on the places you wanted to visit first before starting your day, because the extensive and large freeways of LA can be confusing, save time and gas by thinking ahead.

Invest on a good camera! I know smart phones are a hit nowadays,  but a better camera means better night shots, I would recommend a DSLR.

Try out Porto’s cheese rolls and Cuban cakes! I couldn’t be any happier tasting all their croissants and Refugiados. A delicious must try!

Redondo Beach
Redondo beach
Santa Monica Beach

City walk
Universal Studios

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