Things You Can’t Miss in Melbourne

Hoiser Lane

 Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia next to Sydney, however, the streets are very easy to navigate and the busy streets offer a wide array of food choices you’ll go CRAZY about! The inner suburbs also offer a lot of exciting and unique experience that you’ll have to find out for yourself! And oh! Don’t forget their coffee.  They’re known for it!



A trip to Melbourne is not much about seeing, as it is about tasting, looking and listening. Although there is a city tram  that goes around the city loop, I still prefer walking. Trust me, you’ll see a lot of street performers just around the corner and they’re incredible!


Flinder’s Street Railway Station

Every tourists stop by this place and have their picture taken.


Hosier Lane
Hosier lane is a much celebrated landmark in Melbourne mainly due to its sophisticated urban art.


More Facts About Melbourne:

  • Jacket on Jacket off! I have experienced having four seasons in a day last time I went. You  might think this is just an exaggeration but its true. The weather can alternate between sunshine and rain couple times within the day. Therefore, it is highly recommended to bring your sunglasses, umbrella or jacket with you coz’ you’ll never know what lies ahead.
  • Make sure to top up your Myki card at least $13. Its a lot cheaper than taking a sky bus. However, make sure you ask about the last ride since they close around a certain time, if not, Sky bus is available 24/7! (If you don’t have any Myki card, try borrowing from your hotel front desk, and make sure you return it to them after you use it.)
  • You could never go wrong with BLACK! Melbourne is considered as the fashion capital of Australia. So when everything seems to be a mess, just wear black to blend in!
  • COFFEE! Never miss out on their COFFEE! It’s one thing I love and miss in Melbourne. Any coffee shop you go to in the city is AWESOME! I ordered Macchiato and it was perfect!
  • Go visit their rooftop pubs. People go to these places after work to chill and enjoy the view of the whole city. Usually, their establishments close around 7 pm. So be there before hand.
  • Go visit their museums and their library, there’s also free internet there just in case you needed it.
  • If you don’t have a map, try downloading the Melbourne Offline Map + City guide on your android or iphone. It is very detailed and reliable made for easy planning of your trip.

 After trying all these stuff, trust me, you may never want to leave the city again. It is quite a dismay that I have to leave but I’ll definitely come back and plan more activities! So far, I have visited the City Library, Old Mebourne Gaol, Hosier Lane, Federation Square, Yarra River, National Gallery of Victora, Flinder’s Street , City Centre, State Library of Victoria, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Arts Centre Melbourne and Shrine of Remembrance.  Wherever you go, Always think that there’s always something good that’s  in store for you no matter what your budget or preference is. Hope this helped!

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