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  We  live in an era where traveling is no longer a privilege for the rich and the dauntless, but a necessity for every individual to free their mind. Especially with the wide array of information at our fingertips, it’s even easier to travel than ever before. On the other side of the spectrum, there will always be a million reasons not to travel, from saying “I don’t have enough time” to “I don’t have enough money” the possibilities are endless, but also keep in mind that living in a world of possibilities means that there is a travel destination for every budget. We believe we’ll never accomplish the things that we truly aspire to be because we lack that ingredient to make it happen, but the secret of it all is mindset. If you can think it, it can happen. The experience of exploration will open your world, but before that can happen, you just have to change your mentality.

Below are happy travelers and their positive outlook on the process.

“When I travel, I always have in mind that it’s once in a lifetime. That’s why it gives me this unexplainable bliss, whether I do it for work or personal. It’s always a different experience. With that, I just keep in mind that I have to make most of out everything with no apprehensions. When it’s time for that specific adventure to end, I’ll have no regrets.” -Raisa Tabusalla

Raisa Tabusalla

“To reflect, thank and see God’s beautiful creations. To taste good food. To experience different culture.”- Christine Rachel Datuin

Rachel Datuin

“I don’t live to travel. I travel to live. I travel to seek comfort. I wander because it keeps me learning. Some people just travel for luxury, I travel for yearning what I know is not confined in my own place. It’s about the risk of getting lost, the entrapment in the wilderness and the language barrier that make a place a wonderful abode for a discerning traveler like me. Traveling is like my singing. It keeps me sane.”- Lord john Elmer Arcenas

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

”I’m excited at the prospect of encountering strange people that would shake my initial views of the world and also discovering what else God has made.”- Abby Sanchez King's Cross Station

Whether you consider traveling a welcome respite or a lifelong passion, you have to agree that travel is the best teacher. It gets you out of your comfort zone – when you travel every person is a stranger and everyday is a new adventure. “- Meg Hernandez

“The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to.”
Alain de Botton, The Art of Travel

 Life is too short to just stay in one place for too long, so extend your efforts and make traveling a part of your life. You may not embrace traveling as something crucial in your life, but once you start that decision in life, you will discover much more than just the journey, you will unravel not just outer beauty but also inner peace. Stepping into a new environment has a way of revealing things about yourself, giving you a sense of freedom and contempt. For me, I discovered that  I was too dependent on people and stepping out of my comfort zone gave me a feeling of fear. Traveling made me be more independent and strong, giving me personal growth not just in character but also in confidence. I look forward to many more travels, and much more experience gained, because I know traveling in the long run will make me a better person. So inspire to learn, because that’s what traveling is all about.

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  1. Nice post te Kim! Love how you featured other people’s thoughts! Noted na ilang gipanulti! Haha.

    • hi ja! i will feature you in my blog one of these days ha? please! :) i like knowing other people’s thoughts. :)

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