Hiking in Escondido Falls, Los Angeles

Escondido Falls

Winter is finally over so its time to set the mood and prepare for Spring by doing challenging activities like hiking. It was only after sight-seeing in the city that I finally decided to get in touch with nature where I ended up doing some bad ass hiking at Escondido Falls in Malibu. The trail heading to the first falls was quite easy, but the trek to the second one takes a little bit more patience and guts as climbing over rocks proved to be a fun obstacle. All you need to do is wear the proper gear, as the right shoes can provide you with the perfect grip to keep you safe, albeit slightly dangerous, the proper attire will keep you sure and confident which is equally as important.

la2This is the end of the trail for the first falls.

la4After another 15 minutes hike, you’ll reach your final destination . The rock formation was very fascinating and looking back on the difficult trail behind I can’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from being able to stand where only a few dare venture.


la1 And this is the most exciting part! GettingĀ  into the heart of the falls via ropes on the side. You have to be careful because the molds on the rocks makes it very slippery.












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