Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sand Boarding in Abu Dhabi

 For those who have heard about the horrifying stories about the Middle East, perhaps we have been led to believe that everything is summed up in those stories, but honestly it is a vast place filled with lots of beautiful places and welcoming people. An example of a spectacular place is Abu Dhabi which is just an hour away from Dubai. They follow strict Muslim laws but it has become an open country through the years, and one should take note of customs and regulations, because not only is it respectful, but also smart.

When I first arrived. I didn’t set any expectations  since I didn’t have any plans of going out and was pretty sure about staying in the Hotel ’till my flight back home. The weather was colder than what I had expected but still bearable. Out of Boredom, I tried going on a Desert Safari tour and to my surprise, I absolutely enjoyed it! I paid 220 AED in total and it was all worth it! Words can’t describe the intensity and excitement of how I felt and I’d be missing a part of my life if I hadn’t tried it. Least to say, I’m glad I went out.

First Stop! CAMEL FARM!a6

 They were  humungous, but not very pleasing to smell, haha, but on other hand I thought that they were quite charming to be around. Every time you take a picture of them, they just smile and strut their stuff in front of the camera!

Reminder: Don’t give the care taker anything, there are NO free Camel Rides at this point. NOT YET!

Extreme/Crazy/Mind-Blowing 4×4 Ride


After spending the first hour driving through the dunes, we make our way to a picturesque part of the desert to watch the sun set far in the distance. From there, we make our way to a falconry show before embarking on camels into the dark of the night.

Desert Sunset


An hour later, we arrived at the place where we would stay for a couple hours to enjoy an authentic Emirati experience – such as star gazing, henna tattoo artistry, “Sisha”, gourmet authentic Emirati cuisine, and a traditional Emirati performance. Not to mention the sand boarding experience.


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