25 Things I’ll keep telling Myself this 2015

Bucketlist for 2015

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1.) Yearn to Inspire.
2.) Travel more.
3.)Discover more.
4.)Be carefree.
5.)Read books.
6.)Do something bold and crazy.
7.)Think Positive all the time.
8.)Save more.
9.)Relax and breath.
10.)Be Thankful.
11.)Value time. Be productive.
12.) Stop procrastinating.
14.)Start drawing or painting again.
15.)Take more pictures.
16.)Strive hard to achieve whatever goals you have.
17.)Blessings over burdens.
18.)Keep writing.
19.)Keep loving.
20.)Eat well.
21.)Sleep well.
22.)Help someone.
23.)Study more.
24.)Do what you love.
25.)Keep Praying and Keep Calm.

How about yours?

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